Dim Sum


初訪被 Burnaby 與 Coquitlam 一帶街坊喻為該區域之‘中華美味府’ 的潮樓海鮮酒家的朋友們,格局華而不花、雅而不俗的潮樓,是可愛的意外。潮樓寬敞舒適,集大酒樓與街坊菜館於一身,名符其實的豐儉由人。每日自上午九時半起,身兼點心師傅要職的卓老闆,親自烹調多款或懷舊或創新的出爐點心取悅坊眾。一盅兩件手功蝦餃燒賣粉粿只是早午茶市序幕之一,出色的廚點與特點例如避風塘咖子、XO醬爆腸粉、魚肉鮮竹卷、鳳爪排骨飯、椒鹽鮮魷及得獎甜品合桃金瓜等都是食客所欣賞的。 晚飯時份,由總廚陳華帶領眾廚師,泡製時令佳肴及街坊小菜。無論配料、刀功、鑊氣、佈碟,都一絲不苟。陳總廚與卓師傅雖各有繁忙職務,卻極有默契,更經常交換心得意見,將廚房的出品更進一步,將潮樓的形象與口碑帶上一層。
餐房的設計以舒爽美觀為主,含蓄的東方典韻既有古雅感,又有溫厚大方的樸實氣質。大堂佔地甚廣,且沒有支柱阻礙,正是婚宴喜慶的的理想場地。偏廳面積較少,但自成一角,是貴賓廳,私人飯宴廳,亦是小型宴會與商務餐會的佳所。 潮樓位于 North Road 與 Lougheed Highway 兩條主街交界處商場旺地,交通方便,設有大量車位。

More about us

Known as the hidden culinary gem in Burnaby & Coquitlam, Yan’s has a great selection of freshly-made dim sum, such as the Tempura-style eggplants; Scallion and dried shrimps pan-fried rolls, and scrumptious entree choices and set-dinners to fit many budgets. Executive Chef Gordon Chen and Dimsum Chef Dan Cheuk’s creative recipes reflect how keen they both are on using vegetables from local farms, poultry from Fraser Valley and seafood from BC waters, they have been supporting local farmers and producers since Yan’s opened its door last Spring.
With natural sunlight shining through stylish blinds at day and soft-glow lights emitted from panels of etched glass-lightings at night, Yan’s Garden Restaurant’s beautiful oriental artifacts; classy yet non-pretentious décor is warm and welcoming. The huge, main dining room has been hosting many weddings and large functions. A spacious VIP room is ideal for special occasions and private parties. Yan’s Garden Restaurant located conveniently at the South-west corner of Lougheed Highway and North Road, where ample parking is just right up front.