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Yan's Garden, Dim Sum, Chinese Dishes, Seafood, Gathering, Karaoke, Mahjong, VIP Room, Private Room, Burnaby East, Coquitlam, North Road, Lougheed Highway


隱藏於本拿比東區的老牌傳統粵菜館,潮樓海鮮酒家採用優質食材締造一系列的美味佳餚,包括各款粵式點心,經典小菜以及精選套餐。滿載熱辣辣點心,沿途香氣四溢的「點心車」更是餐廳的招牌!在潮樓,食客可以盡情享受這逐漸消逝的飲茶文化,重溫復古港式情懷。此外,餐廳空間充足,大堂佔地甚廣,沒有支柱阻礙,且安裝了全新的LED大螢幕,正是舉辦婚宴及大型宴會的理想場地。偏廳面積較少,但自成一角,設有三個貴賓廳,是私人飯宴及商務餐會的最佳場所。潮樓位於 North Road 與 Lougheed Highway 兩條主街交界處商場旺地,交通方便,並設有大量車位。

More about us

Yan’s Garden is known as the hidden culinary gem in Burnaby. It has a great selection of freshly-made dim sum, delicious entrée choices as well as set dinners to fit many budgets.  In addition, you can also enjoy a rare but traditional service during lunch time - Push Cart Dim Sum. Carts are loaded with different dim sums going around tables, so you can choose any dim sums you want! The restaurant has a huge main dining area that has hosted many weddings and large-scale events in the past. Three VIP rooms are also ideal for special occasions and private parties. Yan’s Garden located conveniently at the south-west corner of Lougheed Highway and North Road, where ample parking is just right up front. 

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