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DIY Pineapple Buns・DIY 脆皮菠蘿包

DIY Pineapple Buns・DIY 脆皮菠蘿包


 6 pcs


Baking Tips for Pineapple Buns:

1️⃣  Take out from freezer and place in refrigerator for overnight.

2️⃣  Take out doughs from refrigerator and place  in room     temperature for 1-2 hours. The doughs will ferment and expand, so leave room between pieces. Keep the toppings in the refrigerator.

3️⃣  Preheat oven to 375°F

4️⃣  Place the toppings on the fermented doughs and apply a thin layer of egg mixture on top.

5️⃣  Bake at 400°F for 8 mins, then rotate the baking pan by 180 degrees such that the toppings receive an even amount of heat. Bake for another 4 mins until the toppings turn golden yellow.


1️⃣ 提早一晚由冰櫃取出放涼庫

2️⃣ 先取出麵粉團放約22°C室溫2-2.5小時, 菠蘿皮繼續留在涼庫,包與包之間需留些空位讓它發酵膨脹(如室溫溫度較低,發酵時間需更長)  

3️⃣ 提前預熱焗爐至 375°F(大約需時10分鐘)

4️⃣ 膨漲後將菠蘿皮放在包上,掃上蛋液,便可放入焗爐

5️⃣ 用400°F 焗 8分鐘後打開焗爐把焗盤旋轉180°,讓菠蘿皮平均受熱,然後再焗約 4 分鐘至金黃色便可

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